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20th May 2015

Try one of the regulars...

From dance to fitness, parties and film nights to King's Church Sunday meetings, the Hastings Centre has plenty happening all week, every week.

On Mondays we host Ridgeway Dance (4-6pm), Fitsteps (7-8pm), Power Hoop (7.30-8.30pm) and St Leonards Bridge Club (6.30-10.30pm).

On Tuesdays, why not try out Totz Klub (10-11.30am), Tomboogie (6-7pm), or visit a local Weight Watchers meeting (5.30pm)?

Wednesdays see us booked up with Tumble Tots (9am-2pm), and more sessions of Ridgeway Dance, Tomboogie and St Leonards Bridge Club.

Or visit us on a Thursday for Street 20 Cricket and more fitness and dance classes – the classes we host include street, modern, ballet and theatre dance.

On Fridays we are home to award-winning Baby Ballet classes (9.45-10.30am), another Bridge Club session from 6.30-10.30pm and King's Church Hastings youth socials most Friday nights from 7.15pm.

We're open on Saturdays with regular charity bootfairs and craft fairs, and Coffee Box is known for hosting parties and film nights, so keep an eye out for these on the Coffee Box website and Facebook page. Throughout the week, Coffee Box is open 10am-5pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, 10am-3pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and 9.30-11.30am on Saturdays, so pop in for lunch or a coffee on any day that suits you.

Finally, King's Church meets here every Sunday at 10am and 6.30pm for contemporary live music, teaching and the chance to meet with hundreds of local Christians from all walks of life. In the evening meetings, Coffee Box's licensed bar is open, and there are sometimes social events such as BBQs and live music nights. Both meetings are open to everyone. For more information, visit the King's Church website.

There's plenty happening at the Hastings Centre every day, so why not check out one of the regular events? Whether you're with us for bridge or ballet, fitness or film nights, charity bootfairs or church, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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