A Premier Conference Facility in the 1066 Area

Originally built as an indoor sports centre, the Hastings Centre has been extensively refurbished over the last 20 years.
It is now a high-quality business, leisure and conference venue.


Boundaries, as the Hastings Centre was then known, was purchased in 1992 by King’s Church Hastings. Today, the Hastings Centre is hired for birthday parties, business breakfasts, board meetings, exhibitions, award ceremonies, concerts, quiz nights, dance classes, sports events, and NHS services such as blood donations and the local hub for the Covid-19 vaccination rollout.


We aim to run the Hastings Centre as a social enterprise, meaning that we invest the profits back into the good of the local community. To date, this has included giving to Baby Basics Hastings, Hastings Foodbank, Transforming Lives for Good, Reflect, CAP, Restore, the Refugee Resettlement Programme and Transom Trust.

Even the way we run our car park is slightly different to usual – we encourage you to pass on your ticket to others if you don’t use up your time. If you want to join in with our ethos, why not a buy a Suspended Coffee for someone in need or pop a donation in our Foodbank basket?

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Work Experience and Employment Opportunities

Alongside investing in these valuable projects, we also provide work experience and employment opportunities for people who have been long-term unemployed.

Charity Rates

If you are a charity, social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation looking to hire the Hastings Centre, we offer special rates for you so please contact us to find out more.

The Hastings Centre is owned by King’s Church.

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Tracy Masters

Hastings Centre Business Manager

Tom Carey

Coffee Box Manager

Hannah Beaney

Operations Director for Hastings Centre and King’s Church

Sarah Bacon

Hastings Centre Bookings & Invoicing Assistant

Simon Mummery

Hastings Centre Facilities Manager


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